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Today I am guiding in the Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman Amphitheatre. No need to book and the tours are free.
12.15, 13.15, 14.15 and 15.15. Nearest tubes: Bank and St.Pauls

Training day

Lovely morning spent at Keats House, Hampstead where I was delivering a Vocal training day. working with Londontowntours.

New work opportunities

Delighted to be asked to work in an area I am very familiar with, namely acting voice coaching. I cannot at the moment tell you who I am working for as it is all a bit hush-hush….Once the job is up and running further information can be released.

I had the most charming group from Belgium last week. They wanted to see the Guildhall Art Gallery and the Great Hall.
They enjoyed both I am happy to report.
If you haven’t seen it, the statue of Churchill is well executed and amusing. (Notice his left foot. People rub it before giving a speech for good luck).
If you get the chance, I would suggest you visit both these sites. They are free and the Art Gallery has the extra hidden treasure of the Roman Amphitheatre.

I had a most delightful meeting with a Blue Badge guide today which has resulted in me being asked to work together for new training programmes in a City of London run site. at the moment I am not allowed to say who…oh, the intrigue.
Training will mainly be on performance of existing guides, so I am hoping my 30 years in the acting business will stand me in good stead!

Having returned from France I am now back in business. Fancy a tour of the City? Go on, you know it will be fun. Well it will if the damn rain holds off!

Off to France for a few days. Please do check back at the end of the week if you want to know how things went.
I am rather excited, I will be visiting Bayeaux. Not only the home of the Tapestry but also the Cathedral where William (the Conqueror) and Harold made the deal that William would be invited to take the English Throne.


I had the most delightful group of Chinese students yesterday. Although they had only a basic grasp of English, they gave a lovely gift of tea at the end.

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